The Nocturnes Campaign

Nocturnal Session Journal #12

Session 19

Continue in Vallaki

Starts where the party left off, fighting vampire spawns in the coffin maker shop and trying to retrieve the holy bones of St.Andal. The fight expands to a stockyard, where a Carnival Wagon doors broke free and released a large sabertooth tiger(who hunts all vistani and lady watcher agents). Theon also dealth with the coffin maker and made him into a message in town square. The commoners were thrilled as they suggested this be the new festival.

Vanir’s Meeting

Vanir guard grabs Jacobo and show him Vanir Nocturnes. He seems different, stronger, more imposing and has a ring with eldritch runes. He tells Jacobo to do him a few favors: Protect Freya and Convince Ashlyn Crawford to swear her house fealty on the Jarl. (He recommends marriage between her and Jacobo but that’s only 1 way to complete this favor)
In return he gave information about a wish-granting blade and gave a warning to kill all of Lady’s Watcher servants.

The Butler’s Betrayal

Theon finds out through the townsfolk that the mansion is under attack. There Jaime and Freya are hurt but fend off a few vistani bandit, they reveal the Butler is going to the church.
Stella ‘Katie’ Watcher goes with the party not wanting to be left behind. At the church, Theon calms down the tiger who attempts to attack katie. While the rest of the party saves the Priest life.

Later Karl, Stella’s brother(Katie), shows up and tries to pick a fight with Theon and Katie. Gets mauled to death by the Sabertooth.

Undead Festival

The party decides to keep the festival but their own version. Using the wickerball but tied with the bodies of the old baron families. However a pale looking Nikolia opens the gate to let the Stradh Zombies horde in, he also did not know the old baron was dead.

Party successfully evacuates the town to the church and using a potion of giant strenght, kill the horde. Vampire also join the the attack, claiming that the new Baron needs to visit the Lord to get his proper title.

Out of Vallaki

Party decides to leave Vallaki for a short while to go to the “Dragon’s House”. They take Katie, Freya, Jaime and Ana (who now is slowly starting to smile, after some ‘counselling’ from Sorin and Freya)

  • Dragon’s House is actually a ruined keep, belonging to a order of silver dragon knights.
  • Silver Dragon’s spirit talks to Jacobo to put his knights to rest (return his skull from Castle)
  • Party defeats the captain of the order but Sorin was knocked out during the fight.
  • There a nearby treasure room but reinforcements are coming!


  • Priest of Vallaki removes Jacobo’s curse which almost kills the woman who cursed him.
  • Priest was left temporally in charge (he willing for now, but does not want the responsibility)
  • Sabertooth tiger is called Raiden and hasn’t been seen since the Festival.
  • Jaime found out the Inn is out of wine, so he wants to go to the Wizards of Wine where they create all the Barovian wine.
  • Vanir gave Jacobo the password to a TP circle in a locked carriage in Vallaki.
  • Devi is having nightmares about voices leading her to “X” on the map of Barovia
  • Jacobo dranked potion of clould giant STR and threw a flaming wicker ball at horde.


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