Odin Nocturnes

Head of House Nocturnes. Odin is a strong and caring leader.


Titles: Head of House Nocturnes
Alignment: Neutral Good
A strong and big man, Odin is a natural born fighter, fighting in his first skirmish at the age of 9, and leading one at the age of 12. As a first-borne Odin knew he would eventually become Head of House Nocturnes, this motivated him to be more compassionate towards his fellow clansmen. However he became too soft on some clansmen, which lead to the Burning of the Boondocks in which he failed to stop his brother Loki and his party from setting flame to a small shop who’s owner was suspected of being a vampire. Odin now rules with a balance of might and compassion. Always giving people a second chance…. but never a third.

Odin is now Head of House Nocturnes and has four living children each trained in the way of the warrior.

  • Killed in a siege lead by Zadimus.

Odin Nocturnes

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