Atmora's remant and shadow


Shade dwells in the Nocturnes Island deeps in its catacombs, waiting for the perfect time to “revive” Atmora, though not necessarily the ancient goddess primordial that became the world.. but rather create a Atmoran Pantheon to defend her world.

She is a “spawn” of atmora given life right before the ancient goddess death, she only has one goal and that is to see Atmora flourish and see her will carry through. Using her power she’s created scrolls that will amplify the spark tenfold, but she must find the right individuals in both character and power.

  • Once saw a adventuring party, saw a bit of potential within them, so she gave one a wave
  • Finally, once that party grew strong and had their own sparks set a light, she showed them a few of the scrolls and told them of her plight and Atmora’s death

Shade appears as a curvaceous female entity made of shadows


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