Sorin Lycaeon

One of the lords of Nighthill, an upcoming hero, and a sniper in training. One shot, one kill. No luck, all skill.


Horizon Walker and werewolf

Attuned with the Lucky Stone and Ring of Mind Protection

Artifact: Maze Engine staff

Epilogue Domains: Moon, Hunting and Knowledge


Titles: Alpha of Wolf Tribe, Baron of Vallaki, Lord Nighthill, Guildmaster, Hero of Barovia, Heir to House Duskryn, King of the Eclipse, King’s Shadow, Dean, Northerner Born

Sorin (former last name unknown to even this nigga) was wandering from town to town barely scraping for gold after losing his town as a kid to blood thirsty demons he later learned were called vampires. A wizard with a blue cloak and and strange white markings on his face caught him after a failed pick pocket attempt by Sorin. He thought he was screwed knowing that this man was stronger than him even though he was a BLACK human but was surprised when the ani— human asked him a dark elf to come with him back to his house up in the mountains. Sorin thought he had nothing to lose since he lost everything all those years ago and so he decided to follow him speaking with him and learned that his name was Dmitry Chango Willis and that he was somewhat of a great sage.

He understood Sorin and listened to his pained past and gave him his apologize for bringing it up but Sorin pushed it aside that it was in the past. They soon reached the top of the mountain seeing a somewhat large house. Dmitry looked over and smiled welcoming him to his house and Sorin found it hard to believe since he isn’t… A white man but nodded. They walked inside as Dmitry explained to him about his works which peaked Sorin’s interest and kept listening. He listened and was inspired by this gorilla.. No man of what he had to say about the world. Eventually Sorin gave in and decided to stay with him so he can learn more about the world and delve into its hidden secrets to discover if the things they say in myths and about legends is true.

Over the years he has helped Dmitry with his studies going out and adventuring to gather material but one day as he was in town in the night he heard a scream and ran towards it and there he found vampires attacking children and townspeople. And without thinking he jumped in and fought with the men and some of the women who were willing to fight back and after the long night of fighting with the undead they were able to kill some and drive some away. He’s been in fights before but never one that was this intense and gave him much thrill. Later that night he explained to Dmitry and he agreed to let him travel and gave him his best wishes saying good bye.

A few years later while fighting vampires he ran into a recruiter for a house that was impressed with his skills in archery and swordsmanship telling him that there’s a place for him to go. He followed the man and met eyes with another dark elf like himself (Theon). They were later put on a duo team as the vampire hunters of the Nocturnes clan.. Now this is where the story begins.

Sorin Lycaeon

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