Thor Nocturnes

New Lord of the House Nocturnes


HP: 120 AC: 16 (Chain Mail) Speed: 30
Attack Bonus: + 7 (+4 STR and +3 Prof)
Damage Bonus: +4 STR;
Challenge Rating: 6

Indomitable_(1/Day): Can re-roll a failed saving throw
Second Wind(1/Day): As a bonus action regain 20 HP
Thor’s Call: Saying his command word, summons lightning to enchant the hammer as a bonus action. +1d6 lightning dmg to melee attacks for 1 min. (1/Short Rest)

Multiatttack: Thor can swing his War hammer twice or Thor’s Lightning
War-Hammer: + 7 to hit; Hit: 11 (1d12+4)
Thor’s Lightning (1/day): If Thor has done Thor’s Call he may use Thor’s Lightning action

  • End the +1d6 buff
  • Thor uses all the lightning energy stored in one attack, target makes a saving throw and takes 8d6 lightning + 1d12 bludgeoning damage (or half if pass Con or Dex DC 15 Save).

Titles: Son of Odin, Head of House Nocturnes, Survivor of the Dungeons of Solomon
Alignment: Neutral Good
As the first borne of Odin Nocturnes, He was trained to be a warrior like his father. And like his father grew to be a mighty one. As a young boy, his mother would tell him tales about other lands and how she would love to visit them. Fascinated by his mother’s words, he decided to use his father’s training and took to adventuring. Although he was taught basic reading and the like, with all the time he spent adventuring and exploring he neglected to learn and appreciate the finer things in life.

Consequently, he not the smartest of his siblings. Though when it comes to combat he may just surprised you. He’s an experience dungeon delver and has traveled to many lands, including one he frequents The Sahara. Still many joke to him “Your all brawn, no brain” in which he replies “West Side!”

  • In Game events
  • Lord of House Nocturnes after his father death
  • Has been focusing on fortifying Nocturnes defense after his brother betrayal

Thor Nocturnes

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