Religions and Supernatural Beliefs

Besides the various tribal beliefs, they are two main religions in Atmora: The Divine Church and the Atmoran Pantheon. (Page work in Progress)

The Divine Church

The Divine Church is the largest organized religion in the six realms. They believe in the virtues of the “Divine”. A god-entity of divine light of immense virtues. They are also the official church of the Dominion.
The Divine, is non-gender, though many refer to it as a he or she depending on what they’re praying about, say if asking for a bless to get ready for war they will refer to it as he.

The Atmoran Pantheon

The Atmoran Pantheon can be divided into two subsets, the 8 major gods and the lesser gods. The 8 gods for the most part stay consistent through the continent but what lesser gods are in the pantheon change from region to region.

Most people in Atmora are polytheistic, honoring their own deities but acknowledging others cultures gods or deities as well. Most individuals pay homage to several gods but they are some who feel a calling towards one particular god. These individuals go on to be paladins, clerics or priest to spread their faith but still respecting other beliefs.

The 8 gods go as follow:

  1. Pelor, god of the sun
  2. Erathis, goddess of civilization and wisdom.
  3. Gruumsh, god of war and strength
  4. Lastia, goddess of love, passion and motherhood
  5. Bocobo, god of magic and knowledge
  6. Kelemvor, god of the dead
  7. Melora, goddess of nature and the sea
  8. Bahamut: god of justice and nobility
Notable other and lesser gods and revered entities

Nerull: god of darkness and death
Moradin: god of dwarves and creation
Garl Glittergold: god of humor and gnomes.
Mother Night: goddess of the moon and night. Revered by many tribes

Powerful beings and entities

While gods may not exist in this world, they are powerful beings and entities who wield tremendous powers. While calling them gods wouldn’t be right, some are revered and worship as such. Since these individuals/entities do walk the realms and as such can be interacted with, just like any other npc. They also make good patrons for warlocks or clerics.

  • Oberron, the Green Lord: an archfey
  • Verenestra, a powerful fey lady who appears as a small young girl but in actuality she is much older.
  • The Raven Queen; a powerful sorcercess with powers over death and winter.
  • Orcus, demon prince and lord of undead
  • Dispater, a archdevil
  • Ghaunadar, That Which Lurks,
  • Zargon, the Returner.
  • The Unending Blizzard: the cursed wonder of the Arctic Vale, there is evidence to suggest that this storm is alive and might be more.
  • Tyrsem: A ancient gold dragon who lived during the era of Giants.
  • Strahd Von Zarovich

This Campaign and Gods

This is meta talk: In D&D it assumed that gods are real and effect the material plane in different ways. Atmora does not make that assumption, while they are confirmed powerful beings, its up to debate whether to call them gods.
You’ll be quick to see that they are many atheistic wizards who try do discredit commoners and clerics beliefs, by offering there ‘natural’ theory and explanations

Religions and Supernatural Beliefs

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